A French designer upholsterer

Ecoute Bergère aims to create a more responsible home, fixing old chairs with traditional methods, for residential and commercial clients, furniture collectors.

Juliette fixes antic seats and creates her own workshop in 2016. She is specialized in french  XVII-XXth century traditional craft.

20 years of experience in several luxury brands.

Huge fan of litterature, art history,  design and art.

Rescuing armchairs, create new furniture, sales fabrics and trimmings.

Green fibers in armchairs

Choosing vegetal fibers is a strong act of resistance today. Be responsible and proud of what we leave after us and be respectuous of past objects what had live before us.

Ecofriendly & longlasting materials

Natural Ecologic Thermoregulating, hypoallergenic Pesticids free

Several materials : hemp, flax, linen, wool, feather, leather...

Know how to fix antic and precious chairs
Know how to fix antic and precious chairs

Past process in modern seats

The real luxury object had been well made, can be fixed and will be loved several times.

Ecoute-Bergère furniture is a celebration of french lifestyle.

L'artisan tapissier restaure un fauteuil d'époque - Créfit : Fleur de Coriandre
Painting, fabric, bed, curtains: all the room is decorated by Ecoute Bergere

Our services


-traditionnal upholsterer with traditional methods and materials

-restores antique upholstery

-upcycles, repairs

-design and creation: many pieces for sale, or create your own new chair

-creates curtains and cushions

-supply fabrics, leather, chairs, curtains, paints, wall papers, trimmings, rugs...

-digital print

-free estimate

Décoration de chambre à coucher réalisée par Ecoute Bergère
All the room is decorated by Ecoute Bergère: painting, curtains, bed

The shop

The shop, fabrics librairy and workshop are on Champagne road, in front of a castle.

Ecoute-Bergère offers you a choice in fabrics: wool, linen, silk, velvet... made by european fabric makers.

Please, give me a phone call on 0613921707 before coming.

Meet me

You can meet me on a craft fair.  ("actualités presse ")


Or you can come at my workshop with your ill chair for a repairing estimation.

Please, give me a phone call on 0613921707 before coming.


The déco blog

Here you can follow trends and ideas for your home.

Jeune femme vue de dos en train d'écrire à son bureau -Crédit : Pixabay
Member of French art workshops ...

Member of AAF

Ecoute Bergère, upholsterer, member of ATeliers d'Art de France,

a group of 5400 kraftmen and artist al over France

La fraîcheur du potager dans la maison
La fraîcheur du potager dans la maison